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Now, we all know about the everlasting war of freelance VS 9-5, so both of you experts and clients, may I have your attention please?

What I’m about to announce may just kindle your will to reconsider your outsourcing methods, in case you’ve had problems with the same in the past and still haven’t found the right tactic of handling the challenge it sets.

Even if you do have the know-how, it’s still a recommended read. : ]

Strict & Fair
Yes – without the “but”

Codeable has all their contractors interviewed and put on a test before sending them into the system to start applying for jobs.

There is a simple rule that all contractors are capable of doing the job they apply for and they are not allowed to take work that is out of their skill set. Behind this there is extra client security with the 100% money back guarantee in the case of a developer not meeting the client requirements.

Well, this appears to be a very rare scenario too, as in the case of something not going so well – there is always someone that will join in for help.
If not another developer – then someone from the in-house crew.

If you’re thinking WordPress outsourcing right now – then yes, Codeable is where you want to go to.

Discover the Codeable process in detail on this page.

A family,
and pretty proud of it!

Starting from day one, after the warm welcome from our charming and fearless leader Per Esbensen, and going through the years Codeable folks like to refer to one another as family.

You see, this makes perfect sense when instead of hard-competing against one another we help each other whenever we can.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Competition is there, it is still a system of multiple contractors hunting for a project in the same window.
But! (And this is a big but) You will rarely find that more than 5 developers come into your task and overload you with Q&A.
In addition to that, there are strict rules around how the pricing and negotiating with the client goes. This is probably my favorite part of the whole thing.

There’s a lot of thought been put into this that makes it best for both the clients and contractors and going steady and up in the revenue for five years, as well as the number of contractors almost getting double in 2 years is the best living proof.

Real Talk.
All cards on the table

Codeable has a very healthy work environment. This was my best first impression after coming on board.

The first mail that came into my inbox containing the greeting regards also stated 5 or 6 important and strict things I needed to follow up on, and maintain as I move forward.

Truly, it took some effort to get along with it without mistakes. I had a pdf sticking on my desktop I can refer back to every time I had doubts about starting a negotiation with a new client. This went on probably for a month or so, but the good part here is I then deleted that file from my desktop and haven’t re-opened it for more than 3.5 years now. :)

During that first month, along with the theoretical part, I also gained real-life experience by jumping into projects directly once the first week of reading how other folks operate was over.

This is not where it all ends.

Within a couple of weeks I already had at least 10 projects started and complete. Mostly smaller work, but also including one simple presentation website that didn’t require a complex design.

Also worth noting:

After doing all the reading homework, in the first project I joined I got greeted by the older experts there, who instead of applying for the job simply said “hi” and “good luck with your first project“. Pretty good, eh? :]
Hence, the family reference.

This is what most of us still do. I was welcomed with a great attitude in all aspects, and will continue that legacy for sure.

Sometimes, there will be a little misunderstanding between contractors, of course. But it is settled in a healthy and constructive way.

This is what families do, right? There is a problem – you talk about it and resolve it. Getting into an argument is not always bad. It can also be mission critical, and should happen too when the time is right for that.

Changing Lives

If you want to get more familiar with it all, and hear about it with a more personal touch – this interview I did back in early 2016 may shed some more light into what wasn’t mentioned above.

A couple of years ago Codeable recorded a series of interviews with developers who shared their own personal insight on working with the platform, and how it affected their lives personally and professionally.

Here’s my two cents about that in a 20 minute video.

You can also check the same with a transcript on this link.

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