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Who am I? (in short)

A guitarist and musical producer with strong passion for web design and development who loves WordPress since 2007 :]

In the past 12 years I have completed over 1900 WordPress projects, 900+ of which are done on Codeable (the No1 WordPress outsourcing platform) where I exclusively take projects from since 2015.

The reason?

Read every detail about that here.

But first of all:


If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.


Started a job as a junior web designer. Most of the time building static HTML websites which later turned into creating HTML templates for a custom website builder app.

Remember Netscape Navigator? :)
This was around its sunset era.


Started using WordPress.

Quickly enough, during the next years it has become my weapon of choice for all projects starting from simple presentations to complex web stores.
A paradigm shift, one would say.


After a couple of times going from freelance to enterprise and back,
joined Codeable, and with the intention of staying there from day one.


Most recent projects are not listed due to NDA. Feel free to contact me and I can share them with you directly.

Job Titles:
Web Designer ⋅ UI designer ⋅ Web Developer ⋅ Producer

What I can do for you:
Blog Design ⋅ Web Design ⋅ Video Editing ⋅ Audio Editing ⋅ Remixes

What I do it with:
HTML ⋅ CSS ⋅ PHP ⋅ Javascript ⋅ WordPress ⋅ Propellerhead Reason ⋅ Guitars ⋅ Keyboards


Happy Clients


Here’s a few of them (all coming from Codeable, too)
and what they had to say.

“Because of Oliver’s consistently incredible work, I trust Codeable and keep coming back!”

Lisa Peck


“Oliver rocks. Awesome work. Looking forward to working together going forward!” – first Codeable project
“Oliver & Codeable rock!” – After a few more projects :)

Gary Senser


“Five Stars +++ as always. Quick, efficient, and professional. I consider Oliver to be part of my business team. More reliable than hiring any local developer.”

Jamie Dallaire

“I’ve used Oliver on multiple projects now and he continues to OVERDELIVER. I’m a big fan of his work and his work ethic and his desire to go above and beyond. If you can work with him, I recommend you do so!”

Sergio Millas

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